• Great American Smokeout

    November 16, 2023
     No Smoking

    Every year in November the American Cancer Society promotes the Great American Smokeout, urging smokers to quit for 24 hours. This year, the Great American Smokeout occurs on November 17th. If this event is being promoted in your workplace or community group, I encourage you to talk about your own experience in becoming smokefree. Let others know the following:

       Why you decided to quit. Refer to your reasons to quit, those specific things that motivated you, such as wanting to be able to play outside with your children without becoming winded, or because your physician advised you to quit or to improve your blood pressure, etc.

       How you found the FFS Online program. Send the FFS Online link to others that you know who are thinking about quitting in an e-mail: www.ffsonline.org. If your workplace is promoting quitting, let your supervisor and those in your Human Resources department know the program is available and how it helped you to quit.

       What helped you to become smokefree. Talk about any of the suggested activities in FFS Online that were “Aha!” moments for you, the ones that were most helpful. Many participants tell me that figuring out how much they have smoked over the years and what that has cost was a real eye-opener. Most participants say the same thing about the Pack Track activity.

       How you developed your plan to quit. Reflect on how you determined your triggers and chose alternative behaviors to cope with them. Perhaps having your morning coffee was one of those triggers and you changed your routine to drink coffee at work instead of home.

       How you have worked on other lifestyle changes while becoming smokefree. Perhaps you increased your physical activity by starting a walking program, going to the gym or participating on a softball team. You may also be making healthier choices about what you eat in order to control your weight.

       Talk about the support you received from your family members, friends, co-workers and others in the FFS Online program. Let others know that you’ll be a “Buddy” to them as they quit.

       Tell others about your determination to be smokefree. Let them know that quitting is hard work, and that tools are available to help them quit, such as Freedom From Smoking Online®. Let them know that building a solid foundation to quit is essential for success.

    In short, let the world know what worked for you. You could be just the inspiration that someone else needs to set a quit date and become smokefree for good!