• Mrs. Bidner

    Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name: Candice Bidner   
    School:  Long Branch Middle School
    Class / Grade: Science Classroom 1079 - 8th grade

    Teacher Bio: I love kids and I love teaching. I have been teaching in Long Branch for the past 20 years.  I have taught all children in grades from Kindergarten to 9th grade via summer enrichment camps.  Long Branch is the only place I have taught and I have been at the MS for the entirety of my teaching career.  I have a Masters in Educational Technology.  For the first six years of my teaching career, I taught basic math and computers.  For the next 7 years I taught 7th grade – reading, writing, language arts, science, social studies and character education.  When we moved to departmentalization, I began teaching Science.  I am highly qualified in Science, Math, Social Studies and English.  I live by the motto – Treat others as you wish to be treated.  I also believe school should be fun and strive to make it so.
    Teacher contact information: cbidner@longbranch.k12.nj.us – 732-229-5533 x42179

    Class Schedule:

                            Tuesday 8 am zoom link posted in google classroom

                            Tuesday 10 Am zoom link posted in google classroom

                            Wednesday all day as per class schedules (see below)

                            Thursday 10am zoom link posted in google classroom

                            Friday 8am  zoom link posted in google classroom

                            Friday 10am zoom link posted in google classroom

    Please see all teacher page links for activites, homework and additional information
    **Wednesday Online Schedule - and they are google meets only:
    The Thursday 10am class meets at 9:30 Wednesday only
    The Tuesday 8 am class meets at 10am Wednesday only
    The Friday 8 am class meets at 10:30 am Wednesday only.
    The Tuesday 10 am class meets at 11:00 Wednesday only.
    The Friday 10 am class meets at 11:30 Wednesday only.
    Link to Next Generation Science Standards  http://www.nextgenscience.org/msess2-earth-systems