• Albert Einstein Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name:   Mrs. Patti Grayson
     School:   Long Branch Middle School
     Class / Grade:  7th Grade Math
    phone:  732-229-5533  ext. 55531
      Welcome to Mrs. Grayson's 7th Grade Math Class!  Although this year is uniquely challenging and we are starting off remotely, I am eager to meet each of you virtually and look forward to the day we can meet in person.  Please know that I will go to great lengths to make myself available to help you when you need it, so please never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.                  

    Supplies:  You need a three ring binder & looseleaf paper (or a spiral notebook & folder for hand outs), pencils and erasers.



    My Schedule:
    8:00-8:15       Homeroom        Rm. 1095
    8:15-9:50       Periods 1 & 2    Rm. 1095
    9:54-11:25      Periods 3 & 4   Rm. 1095
    11:28-12:11     7th Grade Lunch
    12:15-1:45      Period 6 & 7     Rm.  1095
    1:45-2:30        Prep
    2:32-2:48       Clean Up/Afternoon Announcements
    I am available to give students extra help during lunch after school until 4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students or parents can request extra help, and a date can be scheduled with parental permission via phone call, note or email.

    "Math is a tool that clarifies thinking, decision making and understanding in everyday life.  We are unconsciously using math all the time."  Bev Stern