• Albert Einstein Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name:   Mrs. Patti Grayson
     School:   Long Branch Middle School
     Class / Grade:  7th Grade Math
    phone:  732-229-5533  ext. 55531
    During the Covid-19 shut down, students should be checking in on Google Classroom each weekday and recording their attendance.  Then they should read through the short lesson posted and ask any questions they have on the GC platform.  Then they have the option of completing the online assignment on bigideas.com or written work from the packet that was distributed the day before the shut down.  The GC codes are below:
    1/2 Block:  pio4vh2
    3/4 Block:  4sxik4w
    6/7 Block:  veft77v
    If any student needs his/her username or password for bigideas.com, please email me or request on GC.
    Supplies:  You need a three ring binder, looseleaf paper, pencils and erasers.
    *Please note daily homework assignments are posted on the calendar at the bottom of the page.  Simply click on today's date on the calendar to review the assignment description.

    My Schedule:
    8:00-8:15       Homeroom        Rm. 1095
    8:15-9:50       Periods 1 & 2    Rm. 1095
    9:54-11:25      Periods 3 & 4   Rm. 1095
    11:28-12:11     7th Grade Lunch
    12:15-1:45      Period 6 & 7     Rm.  1095
    1:45-2:30        Prep
    2:32-2:48       Clean Up/Afternoon Announcements
    I am available to give students extra help during lunch after school until 4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students or parents can request extra help, and a date can be scheduled with parental permission via phone call, note or email.

    "Math is a tool that clarifies thinking, decision making and understanding in everyday life.  We are unconsciously using math all the time."  Bev Stern