• Welcome to Seventh Grade!



    My goal is help you continue develop your analytical and crative abilites through our study of peoms, short storis, novels, plays and essays. I expect you will make a daily, honest effort to do your best wrok while treating me and your classmates with kindness and respect. 


    I look forward to working and learning with you.

    Mrs. Sherrier





    Homework will be assigned nightly. I will primarily use the board in my classroom to give details for each night's work. I do this because students must develop organizational skills and a sense of personal responsibility. When I post assignments on Classtag. When in doubt, phone a homework buddy.


    • You earn credit when you carefully and thoughtfully complete your homework.  LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT RECIEVE CREDIT. Completed homework provides the basis for the next day's activities, so its completion is essential to your full participation in class.

    MISSED WORK/TESTS: We all miss work. When this happens, you must assume two things.

                   1. I missed work.

                   2. I must make it up. 


               ****Missed Tests/Quizzes*****

    If you miss a quiz(or the announcement for one), you must see me the FIRST DAY you return to schedule a makeup. This is your responsibility Failure to take a makeup within one week will result in a zero (unless we make other plans).


    IF YOU ARE ABSENT: Homework must be made up within the next day. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and get the work. 


    Broken Printers: Yes, my printer breaks too. When this happens, e-mail your assignment to me. Assignments also can be printed out in the library.


    Broken Computer: A broken computer is an entirely different matter . When this occurs, simply write your assignment by hand. 


    NO Internet Access: Please let me know if you are not able to access a computer. I will make sure that you have a printed copy of the story we are currently work on.