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    This year will be my twelfth year teaching at Long Branch Middle School. I graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelors degree in English. I then continued my education at Monmouth University where I received a Masters in Teaching (Secondary English) and a Masters in Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction. 


    This year we will be focusing on finding the joy of writing, while also connecting to the standards as outlined by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. See link below for standards. We will be working on multiple types of writing, encouraging the students to express themselves and to find their voice. The ultimate goal of the class to encourage students to feel confident in their education. Please refer to google classroom to see your child's assignments and what we are doing in the class. To see a list of assignments in each marking period, click the link. Creative Writing Assignment List



    Contact Information:

    Email: mcampbell@longbranch.k12.nj.us

    Phone: 732-229-5533


    I use remind for all of my classes. If you are interested in joining my remind class, please see the codes below.


    Day 1, Period 1 (8th Grade) - @8c7kf4b


    Day 1, Period 2 (7th & 8th Grade) - @2d348f


    Day 1, Period 4 (7th Grade) - @hd6cd8


    Day 1, Period 6 (8th Grade) - @44ee8dc


    Day 2, Period 1 (8th Grade) - @b8d9fe


    Day 2, Period 2 (7th Grade) - @kf8d492


    Day 2, Period 4 (7th Grade) - @fdagb9


    Day 2, Period 6 (8th Grade) - @7gea3gb


    Day 2, Period 7 (6th & 7th Grade) - @4dbg44


    Day 2, Period 8 (6th Grade) - @gc3gf4b