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    Schedule: Room 3069
    Block 1/2- 8th grade math - 8:05 - 9:50
    Block 3/4- 8th grade math- 9:54 - 11:24
    Block 5/6- Prep/ Lunch- 11:28 - 12:58 (Best time to reach me) 
    Block 7/8- 8th grade math- 1:02- 2:48 
    *Summative Assessments (70% of grade)
       -Test, Quizzes and Projects
    *Formative Assessments (30% of grade)
    -Homework, classwork, activities, exit tickets, notebook checks
    Welcome to your 8th grade year. This year we will be using the Big Ideas Math text book. Text books can be accessed online at www.BigIdeasmath.com or can be downloaded to any cellular devices for free (using app store). All quizzes and test will be given on the Big Ideas online platform. You can access a full report online on your student portal of all assessments given. Math tutorial videos are also available on the website for studying purposes. 
    Important Information:
    - Every chapter has 2 quizzes (mid and end) and a test. Quizzes are 10 questions and Test are 20 questions. 
    -If a student scores lower than a 70% on a test, they have the oppurtunity to retake.
    -Retakes are only given during lunch or after school (not during instructional time)
    -Students will be creating a digital notebook using Desmos. Studets can always access their notebooks (even from cell phones). I advise that the student still uses a paper notebook to write down important math facts. 
    Homework is assigned at the end of each section. Homework is always the last page of the section in their Big Ideas Journal. 
    For exmaple: Section 1.1 is on page 6