• LBMS I&RS (Intervention & Referral Services) Team
    Academy Members
    Grade 8 VPA Academy Administrator: Frank Riley
    Grade 8 VPA Academy Guidance Counselor: Jeremy Martin
    Grade 7 SCT Academy Academy Administrator: Christopher Volpe
    Grade 7 SCT Academy Guidance Counselor: Sean Mallon
    Grade 6 LDR Academy Administrator: Kim Hyde
    Grade 6 LDR Academy Guidance Counselor: Megan Renzo-Mazza 
    Whole-School Student Support Staff
    Student Assistance Counselor: Amy Rock
    Attendance Officer: Eric Peters 
    Student Facilitator: Sue Harrison
    Student Facilitator: Kelly Treshock
    Student Facilitator: Joanne Montanti
    Child Study Team: Melissa D'Ambrisi, Sharon Dean, Karina McIntyre (SBYS), Filona McKeon and Janet Tucci
    Nurse: Michelle Baker
    Possible committee members when referring:
    Referring teacher
    Community Members
    Any pertinent particpants to individual case