Welcome To Amy Skalecki's Drama Classroom
    Name: Amy Skalecki
    School: Long Branch Middle School
    Class / Grade: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Drama

    I am delighted to be teaching Drama in the Long Branch School District. I have been performing for over 40 years in local productions as well as teaching Drama in Monmouth County for 30+ (yikes!) years!! As you could guess, my passion in life is performing arts, particularly musical theatre. I look forward to working with your child and opening his/her/their mind to all the possibilities that Drama and the arts have to offer.
    Drama Class Overview:

    The drama course is designed to teach students how to express emotions and ideas using interpretive movements, dialogue, dramatization of literary selections in pairs or groups, and participate in skits and scenes where they will explore plot, setting and characters in both improvised, and scripted scenes. Students memorize lines, learn about stage direction, and proper techniques for voice and body control.  Concepts of design, direction, and theater production are integrated throughout the year. Public speaking skills are emphasized, and students use these skills as they make presentations in their class, as well as transferring these skills to other courses.  Students research playwrights and hone in on written critiques of dramatic performances.The purpose of the drama course is to introduce the students to the world of theater. By participating in drama, the students train their bodies and voices, sharpen their senses, utilize creativity, and expand their imaginations. Students are provided the tools needed to proceed to the next level in their school career with confidence and life skills to succeed, regardless of their vocation.

    I am the LBMS Drama Club advisor as well.   If you are interested in performing OR tech crew,  lighting/set design, costumes, make-up or any other part of theatre, please check out the Drama Club page--coming soon!!
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