• Intervention and Referral Services

    In support of the Long Branch Public School’s Mission, “to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the State of New Jersey,” every school in the Long Branch Public School district is equipped with a multidisciplinary Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) team that is designed to address the needs of student’s experiencing difficulties and support each school’s compliance with the NJ Department of Education’s intervention and referral service regulations (N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8). 

    The Long Branch Middle School Intervention and Referral Services Team (I&RS) works with students, parents and teachers to ensure a successful school experience; academically, socially and emotionally.  The multi-disciplinary team is facilitated by administration and guidance counselors and comprised of other educational professionals with expertise in:
    health concerns
    substance abuse and mental health counseling
    psychological counseling and social work
    community connections.   

    Our function is to provide assistance to all students, parents/guardians and classroom teachers  by offering supports that allow children to be successful within their classroom and school environments. Requests for I&RS Referrals may be due to academic, health, social or behavioral reasons and may come from the parent/guardian and/or the classroom teacher.