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     Dorothy M. Williams-Reed

    Ed.S Education/Leadership
    M.S Education
    B.S Economics
    6th/7th/8th Grade English Language Arts
    Long Branch School District
    mailto: dwilliams-reed@longbranch.k12.nj.us
    Room 2080


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    READ 180 Syllabus

    Mrs. Williams-Reed 


    Purpose: READ 180 is a class designed for students who want to improve and increase their reading ability.  The program used is READ 180 by Scholastic.  READ 180 is designed to meet individual needs in reading and writing skills.  In addition, students learn a variety of strategies for both reading and learning.

    Helpful Information: READ 180 is designed to help readers become more successful in life.  However, students who are NOT struggling readers may find this course helpful in order to improve reading and comprehension skills.  Failure will not be accepted in this classroom!  Even though this class is considered an English class, the skills taught and practiced in this class will/can be used in all aspects of school and life.    

    Course Outline: Units and concepts taught throughout the course of the year.

    Reading skills and strategies

    o   Finding main ideas and details

    o   Sequence of events

    o   Story elements

    o   Summarizing

    o   Problem and Solution

    o   Cause and Effect

    o   Compare and Contrast

    o   Making inferences


    Writing skills


    o   Expository Paragraphs

    o   Narrative Paragraphs

    o   Literature Responses

    o   Expository Summaries

    o   Persuasive Paragraphs

    o   Description Paragraphs

    o   Personal Narratives













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