• Welcome To My Online Classroom 
     Name:  Louis P. De Angelis
     School: Long Branch Middle School
     Position: 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
    Contact Information: 732. 229-5533 ext 42193 or ldeangelis@longbranch.k12.nj.us
    2019 -20 School Year     
    We quickly are approaching the end of the 2019 calendar year, with just three weeks left of school when we return after Thanksgiving Break. While this can be an exciting time of the year, keep in mind, it can also be stressful.  As we have just learned from our Technology Unit, many of us may wear a mask, either in person or online, to hide how we are really feeling.  While I want all of you to feel a sense of happiness, not just during the holidays, but always, it is not easy.  During this season, we may miss loved ones who are not here or we may get caught up in hearing what others want/receive and compare it to what we want/receive.  We have to learn to balance these emotions all while being a student and meeting the academic demands of our class. Just know, I am here, along with our entire building, to support you.  Let's finish the calendar year on a strong note and be ready for 2020! 
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