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    Name:  Louis P. De Angelis
    School: Long Branch Middle School
    Position: 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
    Contact Information: 732. 229-5533 ext 42193 or ldeangelis@longbranch.k12.nj.us
    Office Hours:  Every Tuesday from 1:30 - 2:45 pm
    2020 -21 School Year     
    As we head into Winter Break, take a moment to reflect on all we have accomplished since September.  Adjustments have been made on everyone's part - you, your parents/guardians, and teachers - to accommodate for the unique structure of this school year.  These adjustments have included changing schedules, changing how we communicate with each other, and changing how we organize our academic responsibilities.  Of all these adjustments, the one that goes unseen is the change we have made in our mindset.  While it was and will continue to be challenging, changing our mindset to see this school year in a positive way is the most important adjustment we have made.  This challenge is ongoing and takes effort.  Some days will be harder than others, but if nothing else, this year is teaching us the valuable life lessons of perseverance, dedication, and flexibility.  Maybe these are lessons you did not ask for; maybe you might actually prefer to learn about poetry, composing an analysis, or solving a math equation.  Nevertheless, these are real life lessons you are learning about yourself this year.  As the calendar year comes to an end, do not forget how much you have grown, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.   Your growth in these areas and learning about your ability to overcome challenges are the real lessons you have learned and are much more important in life than any poem we may read (even though I will deny this despite it being posted on my website).   I hope you safely enjoy your Winter Break with family and friends and return to school with a renewed focus, energy, and passion for your learning. 
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