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    Welcome To 7th Grade Civics

    Mrs. Hanlon

    Seventh-grade social studies will be examining topics of civics that address the fundamental issues of what responsible citizenship means on a local and global scale.  Students will study principles of citizenship such as civic and political institutions, participation and deliberation, democratic principles; processes, rules, and laws; and human and civil rights. The course will expose students to the basic tenets of the foundations of government; the US Constitution; citizens’ rights and responsibilities; local, state, and federal governments; electing leaders; the political systems; citizenship, the family, school, and community;  and economic systems. Students will also apply critical thinking, problem-solving, and empathic skills to participate in a local and federal-level project in which they will work to effect positive change. 


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    "There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education."  
    Malala Yousafzai

    Together we will explore our country!  

    Unit Guides
    Each unit link on the left is aligned to the New Jersey State Standards for 7th Grade World History.  Each unit is student based to create critical thinking and problem-solving students that are college and career ready.  Students will use the tools available to take notes, complete study guide questions, and projects, and challenge themselves to expand their knowledge.  Students will explore each unit using Google Classroom which contains content, videos, and links to their assignments.  They are encouraged to explore other resources on their own and create questions they would like to explore.
    Google Classroom Codes 
            Day One                                                                    Day Two
    Block A - John Locke - u34ps37                             Block A - Executive - cnpkj3c
    Block C - Thomas Jefferson - alt2vbo                   Block C - Legislative - fwyr3gu
    Block D - George Washington - thmhn2g              Block D - Judicial - ynyhvyo