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  • Welcome To Mrs Schulz-Nick's Online Class!

    WELCOME BACK!!!         

    Name: Mrs. Denise Schulz-Nick

    School:  Long Branch Middle School (Room 2082)

    Class Math 180
    Welcome Back!
    This year I will be teaching Math 180 Year 1 for 6th grade and year 2 for 7th and year 3 for 8th graders. Math 180 is a Scholastic Math program to help students succeed in math, no matter what grade or level they are at.
    Math 180 classes are small and very structured to give each individual student the guidance they need to succeed.
    Students use technology as another tool to help them reach their goals which will be set for them in September.  The technology is fun, easy to understand and very interactive.
    Please feel free to contact me or visit the Scholastic website to learn more about this research-based program.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime at dschulz-nick@longbranch.k12.nj.us or at
    Long Branch Middle School (732) 229-5533 EX: 42282

    Day 1

    Period1    PREP  
    Period2     Math 180

    Period3     Math 180

    Period4    TEACHER DUTY

    Period5    Math 180

    Period6    Math 180

    Period7    LUNCH

    Period8    TEACHER DUTY


    Day 2

    Period1     PREP

    Period2     Math 180

    Period3     Math 180

    Period4     TEACHER DUTY

    Period5     Math 180

    Period6     Math 180

    Period7     Math 180

    Period8    LUNCH