Patricia Delehanty
     Middle School
      Physical Education & Health
    Grade 6 - 8
    Physical Education       First Marking Period Activities: include Softball, Soccer, and Football. Also every Wednesday
                                      is our Fitness Day.
    Health                         All students will have Health for a two week rotation throughout the school year.... The curriculum is posted on our
                                      PE/Health website located on our school web site. 
    Class Schedule
    Day 1                                                                       Day 2
    Period 1   6th Grade                                       Period 1   6th Grade
    Period 2   6th Grade                                       Period 2   6th Grade
    Period 3   6th Grade                                       Period 3   6th Grade
    Period 5   8th Grade                                       Period 5   8th Grade
    Period 8   7th Grade                                       Period 8  7th  Grade                  
     Teaching Physical Education and Health for 18 years in the Long Branch School District.  Also Middle School Assistant Field Hockey Coach.
    You May Contact Me At: pdelehanty@longbranch.k12.nj.us