• 1) Safety Contract first homework assignment due no later than 9/9 & 9/10 or participation in the first lab will not take place.  

    2) Yeast Lab - Due 9/13 -9/16

    It is considered a 30% formative class grade

    Lab Report


    • Title page (5 pts)
      1. Title
      2. Your name
      3. The names of those in your lab group
      4. Period
      5. Teachers name
      6. Date of lab
    • Procedures (5 pts)
      1. Step by step (Step 1 etc)
    • Results (5 pts)
      1. Written paragraph – (first time experiment was conducted the parachute took 3.4 seconds to hit the ground. The second time it took 2.8 seconds etc)
      2. Your lab results
      3. Often compared to class lab results
      4. Results should be paragraph form what will be in the data charts
    • Data (5 pts)
      1. Charts
      2. Graphs
      3. Tables
      4. All should have titles, and be easy to read
    • Abstract (5 pts)
      1. Purpose of lab
      2. Hypothesis
      3. Key procedures (summary of procedures)
      4. Results
      5. Errors?
      6. Next Time

    Each number is its own page.

    Each number is multiplied by 4 for a total of 100 points.


    3) CER Biofeuls Due 9/13 & 9/16



    6 Characteristics of life:

    • cells
    • reproduces
    • changes and adapts to environment
    • grows and develops
    • has DNA
    • metabolizes/respires or makes/uses energy

    NEcessities of Life:

    • food
    • water
    • air
    • shelter

    Cell: Basic Unit of Life

    Homeostasis: Stable internal environment

    Sexual Reproduction: Needs male and female parts to reproduce

    ASexual reproduction: can reproduce by itself

    Heredity: The passing of traits from parent to offsrping

    The 4 Macromolecules:

    protein: builds lean muscle

    Carbohydrates: short term energy

    Nucleic Acid: Directions in DNA

    Lipids: Long Term energy and cell protection

    Multicellular is many cells, unicellular is one cell.



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO244P1e9QM - amoeba sisters macromolecules


    Macromolecule Foldable Directions (This is the review to the test)  -https://www.saultschools.org/cms/lib/MI17000143/Centricity/Domain/222/Foldable.pdf


    Test is scheduled for September 25/26

    October 2 is Back To School Night