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     Welcome To My Online ClassroomMy children
    Name: Mrs. Margaret M. Barton
    School: LBMS
    Class / Grade: Red Accelerated Big Ideas Math Grade 6

    Professional Biography: Unbelievably, I have been teaching in LBMS for over 14 years.  I was given the opportunity to become part of the LBMS  math staff and this position is where I feel at home and at the same time renewed each day.
    In May 2014, I successfully completed my final project for a  master's degree in math education.(M.Ed.)
    Thankfully, I still wake up each morning and look forward to working in Long Branch Middle School.
    Class Schedule:      Period  2/3 VPA Room 1053 Red Accel
                                     Period 5/6 VPA Room 1053 Math Lab: Algebra/Geometry
                                     Period 7/8 VPA Room 1053 Red Accel
                                     Period 4/1 Lunch/Prep 
    Contact Information: LBMS VPA  Academy Ext. 42153 and/or mbarton@longbranch.k12.nj.us
     Participate in ALL class activities. Being ACTIVE within our classroom is a must for success. Use your brilliant minds.
    Homework Club is up and running. Take advantage.
    Homework may change. Your child is responsible to  write down assignment before leaving class.  HW is Monday -Thursday.
    It is extremely important that your child looks at EACH  Marking Period as the time to do his/her best. Everyday counts. 
    REMIND ACCOUNT will be active for HW assignments as well.