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     Mrs. O'Toole
     8th Grade English Language Arts
     Room 3001
     April 2020
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    I hope this posting finds you well and pray that you and your family are taking precautions in keeping safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.
    As we enter into another week of social distancing, I want to share with you what our new plans for distance learning will look like starting Monday, April 6th and beyond until we return to normal.
    Thank you to all students and parents/guardians who have reached out to us with questions and concerns. Please keep the line of communication open. Ms. Sommers and I are both here to support you and your child. We are using Remind 101 which appears to be the best way to get immediate feedback. I encourage those who still have not joined our classes to please do so ASAP. 
    You can download the Remind 101 communications application and join your child's class by going to "Remind.Com" and enter your child's class code:
    O'Toole ELA Period 1.2 @a9g6bd
    O'Toole ELA Period 3.4 @ffbkdf3
    O'Toole ELA Perion 7.8 @76ac24
    Again, starting Monday, April 6th we will be using Common Lit assignments. The district will be posting and explaining our new plan in a few days. Your child MUST complete the tasks on a daily basis and stay on top of the assignments as we are collecting names on who is not completing and submitting work. Should an assignment not be submitted on time, we will contact you in order to avoid a consequence. Students will be completing a weekly report that MUST be submitted at the end of each week. Details on the plan will be available shortly. I will also post it in my Google Classroom.
    On another note, we can't wait to get back to normal. We truly miss your child and seeing them on a daily basis. Again, THANK YOU for your continuous support and please keep yourself and loved ones safe and healthy. 
    Any questions or concerns, please contact us at notoole@longbranch.k12.nj.us or via a Remind 101 message. 
    Mrs. O'Toole and Ms. Sommers
    "Working together...Parents, Guardians, and Teachers = Student Success!"