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     Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name: Mrs. Margaret M. Barton
    School: LBMS
    Class / Grade: Big Ideas Math Grade 6 Advanced  and Accelerated

    Professional Biography: Unbelievably, I have been teaching in LBMS for over 15 years.  I was given the opportunity to become part of the LBMS  math staff and this position is where I feel at home and at the same time renewed each day.
    In May 2014, I successfully completed my final project for a  master's degree in math education.(M.Ed.)
    Thankfully, I still wake up each morning and look forward to working at LBMS.
    Contact Information: LBMS  Ext. 42369 and/or mbarton@longbranch.k12.nj.us
     Participate in ALL class activities. Being ACTIVE within our classroom is a must for success. Use your brilliant mind.