All grade six students will complete eight Connected Math Units.  The following is a list the units as well as the main concepts that are covered in each book.
     CMP2 Grade 6 stacked covers
    Prime Time - Factors & Multiples
    Bits & Pieces I - Understanding Fractions, Decimals & Percents
    Shapes & Designs - Two-Dimensional Geometry
    Bits & Pieces II - Using Fraction Operations
    Covering & Surrounding - Two-Dimensional Measurement
    Bits & Pieces III - Computing With Decimals & Percents
    How Likely Is It? - Understanding Probability
    Data About Us - Statistics.
     You can find homework help on ACE exercises, self-checking multiple choice practice, games from the investigations, additional information on the topics covered in class and test you knowledge by completing a vocabulary quiz  by clicking on the link below.
    The link below can be used to access online student activities that are correlated to each Connected Math Unit.