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     WELCOME 2023-2024!

    Sharon Babitsky
    Special Education Teacher
    ELA System44 (PORRP)/Into Literature (ICS)
    Long Branch Middle School
    School Phone: 732-229-5533
    Room 2058

     Class Schedule:

    AM Homeroom: 8:00 am - 8:10 am

    Pd. A: 6th/7th Gr. System 44: 8:13 - 9:30

    WIN: 9:33-10:03

    Pd. B: Lunch: 10:06 - 10:43

    Pd. B6: 6th Gr. Into Literature (ICS): 10:43-12:03
    Pd C: Prep/PLC: 12:03-1:23
    Pd D: 8th Gr. System 44: 1:26 - 2:43

    PM Homeroom: 2:43 -2:48 

    What is System 44?
    System 44 is a phonics-based program created to help your child master foundational reading and progress towards grade-level success. This instructional model combines adaptive technology with teacher-led, individualized, and small group instruction, while assisting students to become proficient readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers. The System 44 design includes classroom engagement with digital tools and technology, real-time data, and support to give students the tools they need to achieve real success in school and life.