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Mrs. Kristie Madson

Welcome to 7th grade Physical Science! 


I'm very excited about this year and the new opportunities it brings. Virtual teaqching has us all thinking outside the box.  After all that is what science is!  As a teacher I am committed to doing all that I can to help your child succeed.  At the same time I expect them to work hard and do all that is required for their own education, wheater they are virtual or in class during the year. As a parent you can help them in this process by creating a dedicated work space with a positive atmosphere. Encourage them to stay connected by keeping their video on while learning virtually and participating in discussions.





Your child will not only be learning important scientific skills but will also be preparing for high school and beyond. Yes, I want them to know all about science, but i will expect them to be responsible, organized, respectful and work hard to increase study skills.