• tulip Spring Break has come and gone. We have two more busy months ahead of us before it’s time for summer vacation! Where has the time gone? 


    Please continue to have your child read at least 15 minutes a night in the month of April. The more they read… the better!! We are thinking critically about books. We are: responding to characters, evaluating non-fiction, distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and engaging ourselves with books.   


    April’s reading strategy that we will be focusing on is visualizing.


    To help your child with math at home, you can do the following:  Give your child any 2-digit number and ask for the number that is 10 more or 10 less, 20 more or 20 less.  Create addition and subtraction story problems and have someone else solve them; then change roles.  Ask: How can you find the solution to? Can your child describe at least two different ways to find the answer?  Ask: How many sides on a square? A triangle?  A rectangle?  Ask: How many flat faces on a cube? A cylinder? A cone?  A rectangular prism?  A sphere?  Ask: Which solid shapes roll? Stack? Slide?


    Love learning,

    Antonette Vodola Bruno