•        holiday       Delights of December


    Happy Holiday Wishes to you and your family!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is well rested for all the activities that December often brings.


    During these next three weeks, we will be very busy learning about:


    Math: In this unit of study, visual patterns, number patterns, and counting, students will learn about adding and subtracting on the number line, review what they have learned about telling time on an analog clock and begin /practice telling time to the half-hour.


    ELA: This month we will be reading and writing about animal families. We will learn about how animal families are like our families and how they are different. 


    Social Studies:




    The weather here was perfect this weekend!  It was over 60 degrees yesterday.  It makes it very hard to believe that it's actually December.  This weather will not likely stick around, so please dress your child appropriately.


    Love learning,

    Antonette Vodola Bruno




    Dates to remember in December:

    December 3 - Picture Day Make-Ups

    December 11 - December 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 1:25 Dismissal

    December 11- December 13- Evening Conferences (5:30 - 7:30)

    December 12 - Afternoon Conferences (1:45 - 3:45) 

    December 12 - Winter Concert

    December 18 - Tree Lighting - 5:00 - 7:00

    December 22 - January 1: Winter Recess