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    January 2013


    Happy New Year and welcome back! The children quickly settled back into our routines and high expectations. January is an important month for many first graders as their learning often soars. January can be the month for certain skills to click in, for students to settle in to being first graders, and for them to increase their knowledge in areas that interest them. You may notice that your first grader is really excited about reading, math, writing, and daily discoveries about what they can do. This is part of what makes first grade such a magical time. We have so many terrific things going on.  

    Math: Appropriately for this time of year, students will be introduced to the routines for recording the day's weather and for recording the temperature from a Fahrenheit scale. They collect data and record the results with tally marks.


    ELA: Students will understand there is a beginning, middle, and end to every story.  As your child reads books at home ask them to tell you the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Also, ask if the story reminds them of anything. After you discuss something they thought of decide if they made a: text to text (reminds them of another book) ;text to self (reminds them of something from their life) ;text to world (reminds them of something in the world) .


    With freezing temperatures and the holidays officially over it’s easy to get the winter blues. Don’t let the winter doldrums get you down – head out to build a snowman, visit the public library, or attend a middle school basketball game!


    Dates to remember:


    January 2-School Reopens
    January 17-Half Day for Students
    January 21-Martin Luther King Day-No School
    January 22-PTA Meeting
    January 24-Family Literacy Day

    Love learning,

    Antonette Vodola Bruno