• pilgrim
    It's time to give thanks in the month of November!

    Here is what we will be learning in the month of November:

    Reading/ Language Arts- In reading we will describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.  We will be looking closely at main characters in our books and identifying who they are and what they do in the story.

    Writing - We will be learning about how writers make their writing more readable. We will focus on looking for specific things in our writing that we can alter and make better, including handwriting, word spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Students will also learn skills and strategies on how to become better spellers.

    Math - In Math, the children will make up and solve number stories about items for school. They will practice counting money and solve number stories with three 1-digit numbers. In addition, we will be exploring even and odd numbers; covering shapes with pattern blocks; and creating and continuing repeating patterns.

    We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving as many of us have much to be thankful for this year!

    Love learning,

    Antonette Vodola Bruno

             Dates of Note for the Month of November

    v  November 15 - First Grade Harvest Festival             

    v  November 22 - November 23: No School               November 26 - November 30 - Scholastic Book Fair