Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Aaron Collins

Mr. Aaron Collins (5th)  Classroom Math & Science Teacher

Room 318

2023-24 School Year              

Over the last twenty-two years, my teaching philosophy has evolved and will continue to constantly change. Each year I try to grow in my beliefs and practices as an educator. When working with a diverse group of educators and students, I must become more open-minded and develop my cultural awareness in our ever changing society.

I am a firm believer that in the 21st Century ready classroom, students must be able to adapt and strive in a culturally rich learning environment. My classroom should and does mirror a caring community, with all my students becoming productive members. My students will possess self-respect, respect of others, and respect for the school environment. I teach these traits through group discussions, one-on-one conferences and ongoing learning.

I take full responsibility and hold myself accountable for the success of each individual student. My students have diverse needs and I will accommodate each one as successfully as possible by incorporating learning centered exercises.