Driver Education - Grade 10

  • Course Objectives:

    -          To develop a basic knowledge and understanding of the traffic laws and regulations that will result in good judgment in the driving task.

    -          To understand the reasons for specific laws, that they are made for our safety and convenience.

    -          To emphasize that being a responsible citizen is the key to safe driving.

    -          To help students understand necessary information that will enable them to score extremely high on the New Jersey High School Motor Vehicle Exam.


    By the end of the marking students will be eligible to obtain their learners permit assuming they meet 2 standards:

                They are 16 years old.

                They have passed the knowledge test given in this class, created by the state.

    At that time, they will contact a driving school to complete their 6 hours behind the wheel. Once they complete this, they will have their special learners permit. With their learners permit they are allowed to drive between the hours of 5 AM and 11PM. They must be accompanied by an adult supervising driver who has had their license for 3 years and is at least 21yrs old.


    -          80% Tests and Projects

    -          15% Classwork

    -          5% Homework



    Tara Cooper