Extra help Mondays & Wednesdays 


    Class Info and Expectations 

    • I expect you put in work, so should you, so will everyone else that matters in your life.
    • Show up prepared and on time.
    • Use a planner (I suggest Google Calendar).
    • Students must use a 3 ring binder and 3 hole punched notebook.
    • Do not throw anything away ever, you will need it for Midterms and Finals.
    • Late work is not accepted.
    • If you miss class for any reason you are responsible for what you've missed.  
    • Absence will not impact due dates.
    • Use SAP (1:55pm-2:25pm) proactively, not re-actively.
    • Sign up for Genesis and keep track of your grades.  You should not depend on me to know your status in class.
    • Join Google Classroom.  .
    • Join your class on Remind.  Codes below.

     APHUG                     World Histroy


     "Always plan