• Hello All!

    My name is Cole Dispoto, and this school year, I will be teaching four sections of High School World History, and two sections of US History I.

    Should you need to reach me, my email address is cdispoto@longbranch.k12.nj.us 

    My schedule is as follows: 

    Day 1: 

    • Period A, US History I  (7:30am-8:58pm)
    • Homeroom (9:02am-9:17am)
    • Period B, Lunch/Prep (9:21am-10:49am)
    • Period D9, World History (10:56am-12:25pm)
    • Period E, World History (12:29pm-1:57pm)

    Day 2: 

    • Period A, World History (7:30am-8:58pm)  
    • Homeroom  (9:02am-9:17am)  
    • Period B, US History I (9:21am-10:49am)  
    • Period D9, Lunch/Prep (10:56am-12:25pm)  
    • Period E, World History (12:29pm-1:57pm)