• Michelangelo Schiano has an associates degree from Brookdale Community College in humanities Liber al Arts in 2015.  In addition, Michelangelo Schiano has also a bachelors degree in Italian with a minor in Education in 2018 from Rutgers University. Michelangelo is trilingual in Italian, Spanish, and English. Michelangelo has been speaking his native language since birth and has been a translator overseas as well. Michelangelo worked as a paraprofessional and a substitute teacher for the Hazlet community for 5 years. He has worked in multiple classrooms at all different grade levels, including ESL students and Special Education students.
    He has also been trained and taught by Dr. Andrew Becker in pursuing his educational career. Therefore, with the help from Dr. Andrew Becker in which the information that he is passing down to Michelangelo to elevate his career. He carries his craft into teaching in his own Italian language classroom at Long Branch High School in 2023. Michelangelo is excited to be a piece of the puzzle here at LBHS. #GreenWave

  • Michelangelo Schiano