The School of Leadership is structured to provide courses of study to students who have expressed interest in the areas of civics, business and education. The curriculum associated with each of these fields will serve to prepare students for further, post-secondary educational pursuit and for the workforce in these areas.

    Civic leadership will focus on 2 strands: law and public service. The law strand of the school exposes students to legal theory, ethics and various applications of legal history. The curriculum within this branch endeavors to provide a solid foundational basis for purposes of post-secondary study or pursuit of careers in, or related to, the legal field. The public service strand will focus on informed, purposeful, and active citizenship. Students learn about local and state government and participate in activities that impact the community in which they live.  

    The business leadership sector of the school provides solid foundational knowledge and coursework for students with a particular interest in international business and e-commerce. Course offerings help students to become talented managers, leaders, and future administrators with the knowledge and business skills needed for the 21st century.

    The educational leadership sector of the school is designed for students interested in exploring teaching as a future career choice.  Course offerings provide students with a realistic understanding of teaching and encourage students to think seriously about the teaching profession. Activities help to prepare students for college teacher-preparation programs.

    Students in the leadership academy are also enrolled in classes which fulfill all state and local graduation requirements. Classes in English, social studies, world languages, and physical education/ health are emphasized and required for all students. The curriculum for each of these disciplines will meet or exceed all college preparatory requirements and lends itself to providing each student with a well-rounded and diversified academic experience.