• Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name: Mr. Barratt
    School: Long Branch High School
    Class / Grade: US History 1 Honors / AP World History (Grades 10-12)
    Syllabus:  US I HonorsAP WorldAPUSH

    Hello students and parents!  This website can be a great tool to assist in all activities and assignments throughout the school year!
    Students:  Please email me if you need to send assignments or have questions about class activities.
    Parents:  Please email me if you have questions regarding class assignments or progress reports.
    I can be emailed at jbarratt@longbranch.k12.nj.us
    Back To School Night - Wed 9/30/20
    Please access the following links for Introduction videos and a Google Form for specific questions:
    Electronic access to each of our textbooks, formerly available in .pdf format in the Supplemental resources link for each course on this website, is now available on an assignment-by-assignment basis in the Google Classroom.