• Bio-9


    BIOLOGY 2023-2024

    Mr. Costa, Room A409

    LBHS: Long Branch, New Jersey 

    E-mail: HERE


    Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    10:54:16 PM

    Nelson: Protest groups forcing energy industry off a cliff and into thin air

    Organization is critical to your success in any class, not just science!  We will construct an interactive SCIENCE notebook and start using various AVID strategies by early next week.  So be sure to bring a single subject, spiral notebook (at least 100 pages in length) to class and please, let me know ASAP should you need one.

    Practice is also essential to your success in life.  You must practice what we teach and you will get MOST work done during class; however, you can also expect some homework as required.


    Let's go!