• Dear students and parents,

    Over the coming weeks I'll be running digital classroom exercises in Google Classroom.  All students have access through personal school accounts.
    The support materials/exercises are designed to keep students engaged while further building upon learned knowledge.

    I'll be posting a range of activities/content on a weekly basis, beginning with week 29 (starting Monday 3/16/20) Within each week, students will have options to pursue...

    All learning tasks/exercises should be completed and submitted to the best of your ability. By submitting these sample tasks, students will show evidence of participation/involvement in our digital art studio. Simply checking into a digital classroom does not constitute involvement.  Participation is imperative, as students will forward responses to art related video links, complete sample critiques and interpretive exercises, and continue the practice of previously learned sketching techniques.

    Given our modified/digital communication, students will be able to utilize my weekly structure to organize their participation in other scheduled classes.  I will also be responding to students with additional feedback on a daily basis, during normal school hours.  Please stay active, stay current, stay accountable and take your participation exercises seriously. This is not a break, simply a change of environment until we continue our regular schedule at LBHS.  

    Please remember that studio exercises will be submitted to me digitally, via G. Classroom or teacher email.  

    Stay well everyone!  We'll be back together soon enough...  As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.

    I'm always available and look forward to seeing you all soon...

    Mr. Derrick


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