•                              Course:    Biology

                         Teacher:  Ms. Broderick


    Long Branch High School


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    Extra Help Hours

    SAP for Science and Tuesday/Thursday 2:30pm – 3:30pm


    General Course Information


    Geophysical Science or physical science

    Course Description

    Biology is the study of life. It is an important subject in science and one that will stay with for the rest of your life. Biology class will involve some work in the laboratory. Do not expect to be in the laboratory every day. Not every aspect of Biology will involve laboratory experiments.  When in the lab always observe proper safety procedures.  The laboratory must be taken seriously, any student not following directions will be given a consequence. Always prepare for lab assignment by reading the directions before lab. Always clean up your laboratory area before you leave.  Remember safety is important to Biology class.

    Learning Outcomes

    80% Proficient on all Concepts

    Required Texts & Materials


    ·         3-Ring Binder

    ·         One Subject Notebook

    • Pen or Pencil for every class

    Course Requirements       

    Complete: Homework, Class Work, Tests, Quizzes, Labs with Reports, Projects and Research Paper

    *Students will maintain a student portfolio demonstrating work progress.


    Assignments & Calendar: This course will be divided into (6) units as follows:

    Unit 1- Organization

    NJCCS 5.5.12A Organization in Living Interacting Systems, Homeostasis


    • Intro to Biology, Characteristics of Life, Lab safety, Scientific Method
    • Cell Tissue Organization
    • Cell transport and Homeostasis
    • Unit One Test 


    Unit 2- Matter & Energy Transformations in Ecosystems

    NJCCS 5.5.12A,B




    • Types of Bonds and Carbon Bonding
    • Photosynthesis
    • Cellular Respiration
    • Carbon Cycle
    • Unit Test 2


    Unit 3-

    Ecosystems Human Activity & Biodiversity

    NJCCS 5.5.12A,B



    • Food Chains/Webs, trophic levels and energy transfer
    • Environmental Factors: limiting factors, species interactions, carrying capacity and Biodiversity
    • Deforestation, pollution and invasive species.
    • Unit 3 Test

    Unit 4- Genetics/DNA

    NJCCS 5.5.12C

    LS1-1,4 LS3-1,2,3


    •  DNA
    • Karyotypes
    • Cell Division: mitosis and meiosis.
    • Cancer and mutations
    • Protein synthesis: transcription and translation
    • Pedigrees and Punnett squares
    • Unit Test 4

    Unit 5- Natural Selection/Evolution




    •  Group behavior and survival
    • Common ancestry
    • Four factors of Evolution
    • Natural Selection
    • Unit 5 Test

    Unit 6- Anatomy

    NJCCS 5.512D


    •  Interacting Body Systems and homeostasis
    • Final Project/Exam




    Cut off dates




    MP1- 9/19, 10/4, 10/22, 11/6

    MP2- 11/25, 12/12, 1/10, 1/28

    MP3- 2/12, 3/2, 3/12, 4/1

    MP4- 4/24, 5/11, 5/28, 6/12



    Course Policies


    Grading (credit) Criteria

    Summative (Tests, projects, formal lab reports) 70%

    Formative (Homework, class participation, quizzes, mini labs, classwork, notebook)  30%

    Absent / Tardy Policy

    Student Parent Handbook –Attendance Policy- not in excess of 20 absences.

    Late to Class Policy

    Students who reach 10 unexcused Period A Tardy’s will be awarded No Credit (NC) for both Period A classes

    Special Assignments

    Research Paper, Power Point Presentations, Laboratory Activities,

    NJEOC State Test

    Student Conduct and Discipline

    Student Parent Handbook : No Cell Phone/Electronic. Student lab Safety Contract.

    Incomplete Grades

    All Incomplete/Late work is due by the Cut-Off dates; must be approved.

    Late/ Make-up Work Assignments and Tests

    • Can be picked up and/or completed after school
    • Most assignments and notes will be posted on my website.
    • MUST be completed by Cut-off dates.





    Student and Parent, please read syllabus, sign and date.


    Student Signature: ______________________________________________         Date: _____________________



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