• Common Course Materials/Worksheets:
    Syllabus - 2019-2020
    Online Textbook - The Earth and Its Peoples
     (pdf file) - Textbook
    Blank PARTIES Analysis sheet - PARTIES, sheets A and B
    Blank Factoids/Timeline sheet - Factoids/Timeline
    Blank Date Analysis sheet - Dates Analysis Sheet
    SOAPStone Primary Source Analysis sheet - Soapstone
    Venn Diagram Comparison Sheets - VennDiagrams
    Rubric: Compare/Contrast Essay - CC Rubric
    Rubric: Continuity/Change-Over-Time Essay - CCOT Rubric
    Rubric: Document-Based Questions (DBQ) Essay - DBQ Rubric
    Essay Tips:  AP World Essay Writers' Handbook - Handbook
    Essay Tips:  CCOT Thesis Construction - CCOT
    Essay Tips:  CCOT Practice Examples - Examples
    Essay Tips: DBQ Skeleton Outline Graphic Organizer - Outline
    Example: CC Essay - Skeleton Outline Example - Outline
    Example:  DBQ - Barratt the Ballerina - DBQ Practice
    Example: Works Cited/In-Text Citation Examples - MLA Format
    Geography Challenge:  Countries of the World Quiz - http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name.php
    PowerPoint: AP Exam Review Cram Session - PowerPoint

    Unit 1 –The Global Tapestry 1200-1450

    Topic 1.1 - Developments in East Asia


    Topic 1.2 - Developments in Dar al-Islam

    Video: KJ Vids - Ibn BattutaYouTube
    PowerPoint: Abbasid CaliphatePowerPoint
    Video: National Geographic - MonotheismYouTube

    Topic 1.3 - Developments in South and Southeast Asia

    PowerPoint: Foundations of Indian Civilization (1500BC-1200CE)PowerPoint
    Video: Crash Course World History #6 - Buddha & AshokaYouTube

    Topic 1.4 - State Building in the Americas

    Video: Engineering An Empire - How the Aztecs Changed the WorldYouTube

    Topic 1.5 - State Building in Africa


    Topic 1.6 - Developments in Europe

    Website: Ancient History Encyclopedia "Medieval Guilds"Web Link
    Website: Thought Co. "14 Medieval Guilds That You Never Knew Existed"Web Link

    Topic 1.7 - Comparisons, 1200-1450 / Unit 1 Review

    PowerPoint: Unit 1 Barratt B-Ball Trivia Review GamePowerPoint


    Unit 2 –Networks of Exchange, 1200-1450

    Topic 2.1 - The Silk Roads


    Topic 2.2 - The Mongol Empire & the Making of the Modern World

    Website: Asia For Educators - The Mongols in World HistoryWeb Link
    Video: TED-Ed - The Rise and Fall of the Mongol EmpireYouTube
    Video: TED-Ed - History vs. Genghis KhanYouTube


    Topic 2.3 - The Indian Ocean Trade Network

    Website: Thought Co. - Indian Ocean Trade RoutesWeb Link


    Unit 3 –Empires Expand, 1450-1750

    Topic 3.1 - Land-Based Empires

    Video: Epimetheus - Tamerlane & the History of the Timurid EmpireYouTube
    Video: Now This World - The Rise of the Ottoman EmpireYouTube
    Video: KJ Vids - Rise of Muslims - The Mughal EmpireYouTube

    Topic 3.2 - Empires: Administration


    Topic 3.3 - Empires: Belief Systems

    Video: History Channel - The Protestant ReformationYouTube


    Unit 4 - Transoceanic Connections, 1450-1750

    Topic 4.4 - Maritime Empires Link Regions

    Video: Tokugawa Japan IsolationYouTube
    Video: Spanish SilverYouTube
    Video: Ted-Ed - The Atlantic Slave TradeYouTube
    Video: History Channel - Life Aboard a Slave ShipYouTube


    Unit 5 - Revolutions, 1750-1900


    Unit 6 - Consequences of Industrialization, 1750-1900

    Topic 6.3 - Indigenous Responses to State Expansion

    Video: Discovery Education - European Imperialism in AfricaYouTube


    Unit 7 - Global Conflict, 1900-Present

    Topic 7.1 - Shifting Power

    PowerPoint: The Mexican Revolution - PowerPoint
    PowerPoint: The Russian RevolutionPowerPoint

    Topic 7.2/7.3 - Causes & Effects of World War I

    Video: Assassination of Franz Ferdinand - YouTube
    Video: All Quiet on the Western Front (1979) - YouTube




    Topic 7.4 - Economy in the Interwar Years (Great Depression)

    Video: Now This - What is Facism? - YouTube
    Video: TED-Ed - How Did Hitler Rise To Power?YouTube



    Topic 7.6/7.7 - Causes & Effects of World War II

    Video: Benito Mussolini Speech - YouTube
    Video: Adolf Hitler SpeechYouTube
    Video: Weaponology - BlitzkriegYouTube
    Video: The Munich ConferenceYouTube
    Video: History.com - Siege of Leningrad
    Video: Simple History - Battle of StalingradYouTube
    Video: History Channel - Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor For Oil? - YouTube
    Simple History - D-Day - YouTube
    Video: Saving Private Ryan - D-Day Scene -