• World History is a full one-year course, state-mandated for graduation. It will provide the student with knowledge of the earliest civilizations of Africa, near and far East, Europe, and the Americas. The student will be exposed to a multi-cultural development of art, religion, science, literature, philosophy, democracy, and the impact of the individual on various societies of the world. 


    During and after completing this course, students will know the following:

    1. Change in society is inevitable.

    2. Societies borrow from each other and build upon one another.

    3. Humanity has a need for both freedom and order.

    4. Mankind has the ability to both build and destroy.

    5. Man is creative and expresses his/her creativity through the art forms of various cultures.

    6. The twenty-first century civilization is an end product of thousands of years of civilization. 

    7. Mankind is composed of individuals, each of whom is unique and valuable.

    8. Within the society structure, each person has rights and responsibilities.

    9. The equality of human life is improved as levels of information knowledge, technology, and applied science are increased.

    10. Mankind is curious about the value of the universe and satisfied their curiosity through religion, philosophy, and science.