Foods you can use as Medicine

    I’m sure you have head the phrase "You are what you eat". Well did you know that certain foods can also be used as remedies.

    Honey: has antibacterial properties that can help heal cuts and open sores. Place a sterile gauze pad saturated with honey over the wound, and put a dry gauze pad on top of the first one. Chicken Soup: combats the common cold. The broth has mild antibiotic effect because it contains an amino acid chemically similar to a drug used to treat respiratory infections.Yogurt: Keeps yeast infections away. Blueberries: contain a compound that has antibacterial properties effective against the bacteria that’s the chief villain in most cases of diarrhea.Gingerroot: works wonders against nausea caused by motion sickness and migraines. So when you study a lot and feel a migraine coming on place several slices of fresh gingerroot into a cup of water simmer for ten minutes and enjoy.Bananas: are great for people with a sensitive stomach. The fruit acts as an antacid.

     Danger in the Diet Pills

    A drug called fen/phen has been enthusiastically promoted to help obese patients lose weight, but it may also lead to serious heart problems. Some fen/phen uses developed a heart condition in which waxy tissue coats the valves preventing them from closing completely. The best advice is less food and more exercise.

     Fatness is a Vicious Cycle

    The more fat you have, the more your metabolism changes to favor the build up of even more fat. Weight gain only happen when we have so excessively overeaten and under exercised that we exceed the capacity of the muscles to hold internal fat. Exercise increases the metabolic rate, increases the amount of muscle, raises the caloric consuming enzymes inside the muscle, and increases the burning fat.

     Calling All Men

    Did you know that if you exercise while your a teenager you will have less change of getting a pot belly later on in life?