• Hello you know me as Ms. Bouchoux although my official last name is Valega-Bouchoux. I have been working in the Long Branch District for 4 years now. I was trained as a Clinical Social Worker.  I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and I  also have a Minor in Education. I have over 14 years experience doing Social Work. I have trained staff on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. I am looking to continue training on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be abreast of any new information on it. This kind of treatment is very useful with anyone looking to make significant changes in their lives. It has been proven effective with anyone dealing with losses, depression, anxiety, poor anger regulation and even  addiction,  We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques with any students who may be dealing with any of the above. I will be posting very useful links for parents on Cognitive Behavioral Training or CBT in the near future.  Feel free to  call  or e-mail me with any questions:
     732-728-9090 extension 17
    svalega-bouchoux@ longbranch.k12.nj.us
    Thank you :)