Green Wave

What is the School to Work Program?

  • The School to Work/Transition Program is for Special Education students 18-21 years old.The purpose of the program is for our students to learn valuable social, vocational and independent living skills.  Part of our day is spent on learning daily living skills and the other part of day is spent on vocational training.  Students are assigned a job site and are accompanied by a job coach.  Students spend an entire marking period at that site learning all aspects of the job with their job coach. (Ex: Students who go to a grocery store learn to greet customers and employees, bag groceries, put away returns, stock shelves and return carts/baskets.)  Students are rotated to a different job site every marking period.  In class, students learn how to cook simple meals, do laundry, practice banking basics, fill out a job application, and other important life skills.