• Welcome to US History I (1492-1877)

    Meet on Day 1, 11:20-12:20


    Course Overview:

    United States History I is designed as a survey course, beginning with the Colonization and Settlement of the United States and continuing to the development of the United States as an industrial nationThis course provides student with a framework for studying political, social, economic and cultural issues and for analyzing the impact these issues have had on American society.


    Course Objectives:

    Chronological Thinking:

    • To compare present and past events to evaluate the consequences of past decisions and apply lessons learned.
    • Analyze how change occurs through time due to shifting values and beliefs as well as technological advancements and changes in the political and economic landscape.

    Spatial Thinking:

    • Construct various forms of geographic representations to show the spatial patterns of physical and human phenomena.
    • Relate current events to the physical and human characteristics of places and regions.

    Critical Thinking:

    • Distinguish valid arguments from false arguments when interpreting current and historical events.
    • Evaluate sources for validity and credibility and to detect propaganda, censorship, and bias.

    Presentational Skills:

    • Take a position on a current public policy issue and support it with historical evidence, reasoning, and constitutional analysis in a written and/or oral format.