Sports nutrition, food science and careers in the food industry will be the main focus of this course.  Lab experiences with recipes that are economical and nutritious will be continued from the foundation acquired in Foods 1.
       Orientation-safety, sanitation, measurement, abbreviations, knowing your way around our kitchen, food safety and storage.
       Catering-Meals with appeal, Creative cooking, easy entertaining, fusion cuisine.
       Fitness and Nutrition- Understanding physical fitness, A plan for active living, fueling up for fitness, healthful choice and weight.
       Food and Culture:A World of Diversity - People, history, customs and foods of the following areas will be studied:  France, Italy, Germany, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
       Black History Month - An Exploration of the history of Soul Food, Soul Food seasonings, methods of preparation, staple items and condiments will be completed during this unit.
       Medicinal Purposes of Food and Organic Food - Research will be conducted to determine if food can be used to heal.  Organic food will be compared to inorganic food.
       One Part Food Two Parts Science - Finding the speed of light, examining and identifying different types of sugar, and finding out what each of the ingredients in a salad dressing are responsible for are some of the items covered in this unit.
       Science of Baking - Types of leavening agents and how they work will be examined.
       Wellness and Food Choices - Make wellness your choice for life, how nutrition and active living work together, and why you eat what you do.  How to work towards wellness is a major part of this unit.
       Food Preparation for Special Occasions- Students will understand the various cultures and food customs of the following holidays:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year,  Superbowl Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Passover, cinco de mayo.
    Students will be able to earn 50 points bi-weekly.  25 points each week.  Usually consisitng of 3 assignments- 2 are worth 7.5 points and 1 is worth 10 points. 
    This course is based on full participation in the foods lab.  You will be required to participate in all labs.  You will work in groups of 3 or 4.  Written lab reports will be completed for each session.  Since this is a hands-on based course, more than 3 missed (or late) labs will affect your grade.  All missed work, due to absences must be made up by the established semester deadline in order to receive credit.  Work turned in after the deadline will not receive credit.
    At the end of each unit the teacher will conduct a review to go over all the material.  A written test will be given after the review.  After each test, the group will be able to participate in an "open lab".  The start of each new unit will find the students sitting in new groups.
    Folder consists of work done in the class i.e. Do Nows.  Homework will be given two times a week and will include "kitchen Math" and written assignments.