• Algebra Based Honors Physics - Course Description


    This course represents the first year in a comprehensive two-year sequence of Algebra/Trigonometry based physics.  This first course is comprised of Kinematics, Dynamics, Uniform Circular Motion, Work & Energy, Momentum, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves & Sound and Electrical Circuits. 


    The order of the topics has been geared to use and reinforce the mathematics that the students are studying.  For this reason, this first year course is geared towards reinforcing skills in algebra and requires little trigonometry.  This is accomplished by restricting the first year course to problems that can be simplified to one-dimensional form.  While vectors are introduced, they are only added and subtracted in one dimension at a time.  This allows students to do about 90% of the Physics AP 1 topics.  Connections are also developed between the analysis of motion and graphical analysis, collision problems and the solving of systems of equations, etc.


    Throughout both years, students will be involved in problem-solving activities on an individual, small group and large group basis.  Through this process the ability to read and understand problems, break them down into their component parts and then create and present solutions will be developed. 


    Students who have successfully completed this course may elect to move onto Physics AP-1.