• Scholastic Book Club Orders
    These are the 52 FREE BOOKS that came with one of my orders!!!
    We have all different types of books, interests and levels.
    Every order bring us more books!
    Happy Readers  
    Each month your student can browse Scholastic Book Club flyers and you can order online. This is possible with setting up an account (1 time only) with the QR code located on the back of each flyer.  These orders ship to AAA! Please send a note or call me at school if you have any questions or need help setting up a parent account.  
    Every order earns bonus points and allows me to order
    free books for our classroom library. 
     free books for everyone
    Sometimes Scholastic sends
    EVERY student a FREE book as a BIG  Thank You! 
    October FREE  
     Look how excited they are for these books to get into our library!!