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    The Amerigo A. Anastasia School is a state-of-the-art facility that provides all students with outstanding educational experiences. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to immersing our students in challenging and exciting learning experiences that will promote high achievement and positive leadership in the twenty-first century. Our ongoing allegiance to achieving state standards is addressed through collaborative team efforts with a central focus on meeting the needs of the students. The Anastasia School is the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet. All students who attend the Anastasia School begin their magnet instruction in first grade and are given opportunities to develop their talents and skills through fifth grade.


    The school is following the district’s and state’s initiative to following the Common Core State Standards. These standards have been designed to provide a clear and consistent expectation of student’s learning throughout New Jersey and the United States. They have also been designed to be relevant to the real world and reflective of what students will need to know to become successful college students and career professionals. Teachers at the Anastasia School will align their lessons to these standards to ensure the success of every child.
    Our district utilizes the Reading Language Arts Literacy program, Treasures.  Treasures is a research based, comprehensive Reading Language Arts program for grades K-6 that gives educators the resources they need to help all students succeed. High quality literature coupled with explicit instruction and ample practice ensures that students grow as life-long readers and writers.


    A Writer’s Workshop approach has been instituted to enhance students writing.  The Anastasia School uses Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Primary Writing in Grades 1 and Grade Two and the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Writing for Grades 3 – 5. The incorporation of these writing programs is celebrated with an annual Author in Residence Visit to the school.  


    Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive, research-based, mathematics program developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.  It focuses on real-life problem solving, student communication of mathematical thinking and appropriate use of technology.  Everyday Mathematics provides students with multiple opportunities to learn concepts and practice skills.   It also emphasizes balancing different types of instruction, using various methods for skills practice, and fostering parent involvement in student learning.

    The Visual and Performing Arts magnet provides student with  many opportunities to participate in visual/performing arts experiences in the areas of art, dance, drama, instrumental music, and vocal music. Teachers whose specialties and expertise are within those instructional areas teach the five components. Students in this magnet participate in two major professional productions each year and provide community service by entertaining at nursing homes, senior citizen clubs, and ARC.


    Our Enrichment Program provides students with additional experiences that stimulate intellectual and creative development.  Our Special Needs students are involved in programs and services that meet their individual educational needs in the least restrictive environment.  Anastasia School’s state-of-the-art computer lab is located in the Media Center. KidBiz, an internet-based current events reading and writing program, is being utilized by all students in the school.  In addition, each student in grades 3-5 has their own personal laptop. Classrooms are equipped with an overhead LCD projector and a pull down screen which is used with all programs.  SMART Slate is a wireless slate that allows a digital connection between the computer and the projector. The slate allows for interactive learning opportunities from anywhere in the classroom. The school continues to use wireless technology in all classrooms.  


    The “Solutions Team" is an additional facet that allows for the infusion of Character Education at the Anastasia School.  The Solutions Team provides the students with coping mechanisms, social strategies and communication skills that allow students to work cooperatively with others and to become successful adults.  A school-wide “Student of the Month” recognition incentive recognizes and promotes positive leadership qualities among the student body on a monthly basis.  Social Skills counseling for specific student populations are provided through the Solution network as well.  Students are reminded daily to be conscientious of their character through our “Words of Wisdom”, Project Wisdom program; where a weekly Character Education theme is announced and explained through daily vignettes or analogies.  In addition to this, students are routinely exposed to Character Education literature, media and specific related activities within their weekly library instruction, health classes and individual classrooms.               


    At the Amerigo A. Anastasia School, we are dedicated to the success of each individual child.