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     Offers services, programs and housing assistance based shared human need for shelter, food, comfort, and quality of life and treats all seeking assistance with dignity.  They provide foreclosure assistance, direction to locate resources for utility and housing assistance.  

    Contact: 11 White Street, Eatontown, NJ 07732, phone 732-389-2204.

    Interfaith Neighbors:

    Provides rental, mortgage, and utility assistance to Monmouth county families who are need. Offer hot meals along with delivery of meals to those who are also in need. Offer a multitude of resources, services, while engaging in rehabilitation of affordable housing units.

    New Jersey Community Resources Website:

    Online tool that offers a wide-range of resources that provide useful information to those in need of social services in New Jersey. It provides links for tax assistance, energy assistance, child care, etc. Lists statewide organizations and nonprofits by region.

    FREE resource that offers parent, child and adolescent support groups. Offers hands on assistance in family preservation, registration within the Children's System of Care as well as guidance on how to apply for public benefits. This resource is located in Eatontown NJ, they can be reached by phone at 732-542-4502.
    This online resource provides screening and application tools to see if you and your family qualify for health and social services including food stamps and healthcare. Screening takes about 10 - 15 minutes. The information you provide is private and confidential. Please click the link above to be directed to this New Jersey resource.   
    Perform Care is a New Jersey resource provider that is children and family focused. They provide screening, assessments and access to outside services including MOBILE RESPONSE SERVICES, counseling and connections to community agencies. They can be reached by phone at 1-877-652-7624. They are available 24 hours a day.  Click on the above to be directed to the perform care webpage. 
    Online screening tool, similar to NJONEAPP,  provides a list of services offered by the state of New Jersey. Access using the link above. 
    Mental Health Association of Monmouth County is a prevention focused support network for all those in need of mental health services. They provide mental health services to families, children and adults. They provide family support groups, family therapy, individual counseling, educational services and children's group counseling. Please click on the link above to access their webpage. 
    New Jersey's publicly funded health insurance program. New Jersey residents of any age may apply and may be eligible for health coverage under this program. As stated by program, those ineligible for services can apply for affordable coverage at healthcare.gov. Please click the link above to access their webpage or contact them at 1-800-701-0710.
    211 is a national free 24 hour confidential service that helps people in North American located needed resources. 211 can be called from any phone for a directory to assistance to access a variety services. Please click the link above to access their webpage.
    This online resource is operated by the state of New Jersey and offers FREE tools in positive parenting-tips, family support services, health and wellness tools, developmental and behavioral health, career and family transitions. This a GREAT page to find a variety resources throughout the state. Direct numbers and addresses are available, peak around! 
    The VNACJ offers services in early intervention and child development, WIC Supplemental Program, referrals to Child Care Resources, and other family and community based resources. Click on the link above to visit their webpage or call 1-800-400-0491. 
    Child Care Resources of Monmouth County offer assistance in locating child care, professional development for child care professions along with financial assistance for childcare. Please click on the link above to access their website.  
    Operated by state of NJ lists internal and external community resources and benefits. LOADED with INFORMATION and tools.
    PDF file that breaks down services by need and lists resources for them.  
    List of displaced housing resources, provided by NJ211.