• Intervention & Referral Services Team Members

    The I&RS  team has a unique approach of collaborating and planning to develop a clear and concise plan to meet the learning needs of every student. Each student is uniquely different and it is our mission to create an environment that brings out those qualities. Below is a list of our dynamic team; each member bringing something vital to the planning process. 
    Principal: Mr. Nikolas Greenwood
    Vice Principal: Ms. Twana Richardson
    Advisor: Miss. Felicia Clark
    Advisor: Mr. Jamil Pitts
    School Psychologist: Mrs. Linda Trefacante
    School Social Worker: Mrs. Joey Robinson
    LDTC: Mrs. Kristen Coughlin 
    School Nurse: Mrs. Suzanne Fitzsimmons
    Speech and Language Therapist: Ms. Mia Apostle & Mrs. Marjani Morgan
    Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Denise Buckley
    Literacy Coach: Mrs. Stephanie Dispoto
    RTI: Mrs. Rindner, Dr. Lawrence

    In support of the Long Branch Public School’s vision and mission, "to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the State of New Jersey,” every school in the Long Branch Public School district is equipped with a multidisciplinary team. This team is designed to address the individual needs of students  who may be experiencing difficulties in school.  

    Each school has an established, coordinated system of care where general education students are supported with services through planning and delivery of services to students. Our aim is to meet the learning needs of students referred to our team and assist students who are experiencing learning, behavior or health difficulties. Our team approach also provides staff with needed tools to address students' learning, behavior or health needs.
    I&RS team members work proactively to plan and implement a clear process that provides targeted interventions that address and improve any identified student concerns.