• Teaching Experience:

    Hello everyone.. I have been  teaching since 1991. I  began my career teaching First grade for  9 years at the Elberon School.   I was also a World Language teacher  in the Lena Conrow school.  Now I am very happy to be in  Morris Avenue teaching  Kindergarten .  My educational philosophy is very simple.. "All children are capable of learning!"  

    I recieved a B.S. with a focus in Speech Pathology From Stockton University, and worked as a speech therapist in The Search Day Program, a school for autistic children.  My main goal was to become a teacher.  I  went back to school and got a Masters of Education at Monmouth University.

    I was born in Havana, Cuba. But at the age of five, my family and I left our country for Spain, in the hopes of a better future.  After having lived in Spain for about a year and a half we came to the United States.
     I entered Kindergarten without knowing a word of English.  At that time ELL or ESL Programs were not available.  I struggled  for a few long months in the public schools.  But after six months having been  emerged in an all English speaking environment, I finally  became fluent in the language.  I will never forget my challenges and successes and with this I leave you once more.."All children are capable of learning! "
    Thank you for taking the time to read! ...