• A Language Rich Home
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    Good News: Strong lanaguage skills can make your child a better reader, writer, and all around student.
    Great News: You can build these skills just by talking to your child.
    Try these ideas:
    • Narrate everyday activities like driving or cooking. Hearing unfamiliar words in conversationswill help your youngster understand words in books ("Please hand me the colander so I can drain the spaghetti"). Tip: If your child does not know the word, expalin: "This is a colander. Water drains through the holes."


    • Encourage your child to join family conversations. Ask them questions to help expand on their answers. ("Why do you think so?" "What else happened?" Your child will learn to talk about events and give their opinions.
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    Our Mission:
    We, the Long Branch Community, strive to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the state of New Jersey.
     Our Goal:
    At Long Branch Public Schools, our GOAL is to be recognized as the benchmark of excellence among New Jersey school districts.