Reading with Mrs. Clay
    Welcome back to a new year at AAA and new beginnings! 
      We will continue with the reading program called Scholastic.  As a tutor at the Amerigo A. Anastasia School, I will be assigned to specific grades and classes to assist and co-teach.  It is an exciting time and many new and fresh ideas are in the workings.  The students will use the writing program and work centers to prepare for their success for this year and future years to come. We hope that they will become literary experts and share their knowledge with you.  In the upcoming weeks, students will be introduced to many new words that will be reinforced and used during the course of the day.  Strategies for seeking and answering questions will also be established.  Skills such as summarization, characterization,  compare and contrast, drawing inferences, locating main ideas and supporting details will be ongoing challenges.  These skills will be taught in numerous ways to insure that your child is proficient.  Looking forward to a successful year!
    As we start a new school year, I would like to encourage you to work with your child and look over their homework.  This simple act will help students grow in their respective groups.  Please continue to support and  encourage your child to do their best and read nightly.